What to do After a Car Accident

Posted By Law Offices of Todd J. Stearn, P.C. || 8-Jan-2015

Being in a car accident can be a terrifying ordeal. You may be seriously injured or at least emotionally distraught. In the aftermath of an accident, you should do your best to focus on taking the proper steps to ensure you can resolve any disputes quickly with facts from the accident, counsel from a seasoned attorney, and testimony from medical professionals.

The following are the best steps you can take in the wake of an accident.

  1. Get off the road—even before trying to exchange information with the other driver(s), get to safety as soon as you can. Move out of the way of traffic, unless you can't move your car without causing further damage. If you can, check on others involved to make sure they are ok, then call police or 911.
  2. Be careful what you say—you need to speak with the other drivers involved to get their information, however, you should never apologize or admit any fault, as this can be used against you in any claim or court battle.
  3. Obtain information—your insurance company will need information from anyone involved to move forward with your claim. Pertinent information includes, names, addresses, phone numbers, make, license plate numbers, and policy numbers. Take photographs of the scene, including any damage done to your car. Also, try to find witnesses who will speak for you.
  4. Call a lawyer—you will be facing a tough legal road ahead, so the more equipped you are with legal insight, the better. An Oakland County car accident attorney can begin filing a claim for compensation right away.
  5. Call your insurer—they will also start processing your claim and you will likely be contacted by a claims representative soon after you report the accident. Before discussing anything with them, be sure to consult with your legal representative.