Todd J. Stearn's Work with NECHAMA

Posted By Law Offices of Todd J. Stearn, P.C. || 22-Feb-2019

Stearn Participated in Flood Cleanup in South Carolina

On December 10th through the 13th of last year, Todd J. Stearn worked with NECHAMA to clean up flood debris in South Carolina following Hurricane Florence. The hurricane affected a large area of North and South Carolina with flood damage, following days of torrential rain beginning in mid-September 2018.

NECHAMA, which is Hebrew for “to comfort,” is also known as Jewish Response to Disaster. The organization describes its mission as “rooted in the Jewish value of ‘Tikkun Olam,’” or “world repair.” NECHAMA is the only Jewish natural disaster relief service in the United States, offering aid to disaster victims around the country and including people of all backgrounds in their projects.

Stearn’s work with NECHAMA was part of the charity’s ongoing project to clean up and rebuild the Horry County area of South Carolina, which was heavily flooded after Hurricane Florence. Specifically, Stearn worked with a demolition crew, helping to remove flood damage and moldy items from houses.

The project began in September shortly after the Category 1 hurricane’s landfall, and has been a continuous project for the organization. NECHAMA is still present in South Carolina, helping the residents of Horry County with home repairs.