Hit & Run Accidents

Hit & Run Accidents in Oakland County

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Did you know that leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime in the state of Michigan? If you are involved in an accident, the drivers have a duty to stop and, if necessary, contact the authorities and medical services. Even if the accident occurred in the middle of traffic, fleeing the scene of an accident is a criminal offense.

Do you know your rights?

If you are the victim of a hit and run, do not panic! The Law Offices of Todd J. Stearn, P.C. can help you pursue the necessary restitution that you deserve and ensure that your or another party's insurance company does not back out of its legal duties.

As an accident victim, you need to understand that you have rights, including:

  • Your insurance company can provide you with compensation if the at-fault driver flees the scene
  • If identified, the wrongful driver could face criminal charges
  • There may be compensation programs set up to help you receive restitution

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In order to protect yourself and your rights, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our firm has extensive experience handling a variety of complicated hit and run cases that may assist you with your own case. Our personal injury lawyer in Oakland County has in-depth knowledge of the Michigan legal system, and we are not afraid to pursue your case in a court of law if necessary.

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