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While it is better to avoid traveling during a severe blizzard or storm, sometimes there is no other option. If you're facing severe weather conditions, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Never travel alone when you are facing a severe storm. If you can't find a driving buddy, make sure you notify someone when you leave, what route you are taking, and your estimated time of arrival.

  • If you happen to get stuck in a storm, make sure you stay in your vehicle and wait for help. Try to run the engine and heater sparingly and keep the vehicle ventilated. If your exhaust pipe is clogged or blocked by debris, you may accidentally breathe in poisonous fumes.

  • Eat food and drink liquids to prevent dehydration and fatigue. You can eat before you leave so that you are headed out on a full stomach and be sure to keep water, snacks, and energy bars in your car if you know you are headed into a storm.

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