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Car accidents happen every day. Despite that, it can be extremely nerve-wracking to be involved in an accident yourself. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you or someone on the road near you were to get into an accident:

  • Try to stay as calm as possible so that you can stay in control of the situation.

  • Check on your own health, then the health of your passengers.

  • Make sure you move as far away from the road as possible without leaving the scene of the accident.

  • Call 911 as soon as possible to alert them of the accident and ask for help if necessary.

  • Turn on your hazard lights to alert other cars on the road, especially if it is dark outside.

  • Contact your insurance company to report the claim.

  • Make sure you swap information with the other driver or drivers involved, such as car insurance, policy number, name, phone number, license plate, and email.

  • Write down the names and contact information of any potential witnesses.

  • Avoid admitting fault or discussing the accident with anyone around, except for police or medical crews and your attorney.

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