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Children's Race

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs any person can have. It can be helpful to keep these tips in mind as a parent, especially with such as huge responsibility on your shoulders:

  • Make sure that you are aware of where your children are at all times.

  • Teach them to update you regularly, especially if there is any change of plans.

  • Have them memorize important information, such as their full name, home address, phone numbers, and your workplace.

  • Teach them the "buddy system" from early on.

  • Establish boundaries for where your children are allowed to go, whom they are allowed to play with, and what activities they can participate in.

  • Remind them that it is ok to tell an adult NO, especially if they are a stranger.

  • Teach them to be cautious of adults who ask children for "help".

  • Run through "what if" scenarios with them to help develop safety plans.

  • Teach your children how to call 911 in emergency situations.

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